2017 Progress

Seven and a half weeks into 2017, and I’ve made some progress on my yearly goals, which I wrote about here.

The second book of The Escape Series is finished, in its final editing stages, and I hope to submit it to my publisher next month (March).

The third book of the series is fully outlined, and the first chapter is written. 🙂

I’ve also outlined and have two chapters written of a brand new book, in which I dip a toe into the world of magical realism. A new one for me. Right now, my favorite part of this new book is its title, which I won’t share yet. 😉

So, as you can see, my writing and publishing goals are going well.

But… I haven’t been blogging regularly. And I haven’t reached out to other authors to begin things like interviews, spotlights, etc., on my blog.

Next step: Devise questions for author interviews. Offer my blog to other authors.

If only the days had a few extra hours. But let’s be honest, I’d spend them sleeping. Zzzzz


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