About Me

Author Bio:

Rachel Rust is the author of YA books. In both reading and writing, she loves all things mysterious, romantic, and thrilling. If it’s a whodunit, she’s all about it…especially if it ends with a kiss.

When not making up stories, she can usually be found with her family and their two dogs — a pug and a chug (chihuahua/pug).

Rachel is represented by Eva Scalzo at Speilburg Literary Agency.

For the less formal version of who I am, scroll down and read on. Or check out some of my author interviews here: Rose Phillips YA | Wild Mind Creative


A bit more about me…

My first book was written with pen and wide-ruled paper in elementary school. (And those early stories may or may not have been centered around real-life rock band characters.) Now that I’ve upgraded from pen and paper to a computer, I’ve been writing with serious intent since about 2007. I write simply because I love stories and being whisked away on adventures … and because I have an imagination with no shut off button.

The first book I distinctly remember loving was Scuffy the Tugboat–and I’ve loved tugboats ever since. (See photo above. Ballard Locks, Seattle. Heaven.)

I read a variety of genres and age categories (I’m a proud Hufflepuff, love to beat up bad guys with Jack Reacher, and could read A Wrinkle in Time endlessly), but my favorite stories have a combination of mystery, romance, and thrills.

While writing, I’ve found it nearly impossible to create stories without an element of mystery. I love twisty plots, red herrings, and characters who aren’t as they seem.

Other random facts about me: I’m an October baby and have always loved all things Autumn–cool weather, fallen leaves, fuzzy socks, and black coffee. I hate to cook, love to bake, and don’t make my bed every day.


The fam. The chug and the pug.



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