About Me

I’m Rachel Rust, author of YA books, published by Evernight Teen.



I’m always busy with writing projects. Currently, I’m working on the rough draft of a YA mystery, and outlining a new YA romantic suspense.

I’ve loved books since before I can remember, but my love of reading really took off when I discovered the adventures of Elizabeth and Jessica, a.k.a., the Sweet Valley Twins. I devoured each and every one of those books. And when I was a little older, I discovered the spine-tingling mysteries of Christopher Pike.

As an adult, I read a variety of genres and age categories (I’m a proud Hufflepuff and could read A Wrinkle in Time endlessly), but my favorite stories have a combination of mystery, romance, and thrills. If it’s a whodunit, I’m all about it.

I love all things warm and cozy: Autumn, fuzzy socks, blankets, black coffee, and my doggies. Halloween is the best holiday, pumpkin spice everything will never go out of style, and horror movies are best watched in the dark with a blanket over your head.

When not writing, I can usually be found hanging out with my family, and our two dogs — a pug and a chug (chihuahua/pug).


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