2017 Writing Goals

I’m not one for making New Year’s resolutions, but I’ve been thinking more and more about organizing my writing goals. How many books would I like to write in 2017? What are my publishing goals of 2017? What about this lame thing I call my blog?

Rather than let these questions spin in my head with no clear answer, I’ve decided to explore and answer them.

My upcoming YA thriller, Or the Girl Dies, is Book #1 in The Escape Series, so the remaining books in this series will be a big priority in 2017. I have the second book of the series already complete. Therefore…

  • 2017’s Goal Number One: Submit for publication Book #2 of The Escape Series

It’s a three book series. Therefore…

  • 2017’s Goal Number Two: Write and complete Book #3 of The Escape Series. (This means fully edited and polished.)

If I’m going to fully complete Book #3, then I might as well take the next step, right? Therefore…

  • 2017’s Goal Number Three: Submit book #3 of The Escape Series (this one obviously hinges on Book #2 being accepted for publication first! *fingers crossed*)

I have one other already-completed manuscript, a standalone YA paranormal romance. I’m on the fence about submitting that for publication this year since I’ll be concentrated on promoting my book series. So for now, the paranormal romance is likely a 2018 goal.

Moving on…

I have two great ideas for new books, both roughly outlined. Therefore…

  • 2017’s Goal Number Four: Finish the rough draft of at least one new book

I also have some fun plans for this blog. Aside from actually blogging myself, I’d like to incorporate things like interviews, cover reveals, and new release promos for my fellow authors.

So in total, my 2017 goals are as follows:

  1. Write and fully edit the 3rd book of The Escape Series
  2. Write the rough draft of at least one other new book
  3. Submit two books for publication (The Escape Series #2 & #3)
  4. Dust off the blog and start blogging regularly (haven’t done this since 2008!)
  5. Reach out to authors for blog interviews, etc.

We’re looking at roughly 100,000 to 200,000 new words. Countless hours of editing. Anxiety-inducing anticipation and pacing during not one, but two submission processes. Plus blog creativity at least once per week.

It seems manageable though, as long as I break things into bite-sized tasks, and remind myself that not everything has to be done rightthissecond.

One thing I didn’t mention here are things like book signings, author appearances, and book conferences. I’ll likely write about those in a separate post.

resized_20170102_123108In the meantime, I think I’ll go pour some more coffee…

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